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Komodo National Park ranks 6th place in global poll 40

The Komodo National Park, home of komodo dragon (Varanus comodoensis), in East Nusa Tenggara ranked sixth in the New 7 Wonders of Nature list, an ongoing global poll to determine the new seven wonders of the world, by December 2010.
“The New 7 Wonders Foundation reported that by the last week of December, the Komodo National Park sat at sixth position, based on the level of voter interest measured within the last 28 days,” Ulbadus Gogi, the head of promotion division at the East Nusa Tenggara Culture and Tourism Agency, said Tuesday, as reported by Antara.
Ulbadus added that the local government was optimistic that the park would be selected as one of the new seven.
“The East Nusa Tenggara governor [Frans Lebu Raya] has always said the Komodo [dragon] is a national treasure that belongs to all of us, which we have to support,” he said.
He added that the local government would continue to promote the animal to garner more support.
The Komodo National Park is one of 28 candidates for the New 7 Wonders of Nature, whose campaign began in 2007. The results of the competition will be revealed on November 11.

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