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5 Ways Omega 3 Fatty Acids Make You Feel Better 50

Also known as essential oils–omega 3 fatty acids play a vital role in improving and maintaining our overall health. Of course that is pretty much common knowledge now and the most important of the omega 3s is DHA. This is the one found in abundance in fish oil.
With all its quiet health effects a lot of people don’t get that taking an omega 3 supplement on a daily basis will make you feel batter.
1) Omega 3 is a fantastic anti-inflammatory. And with science beginning to believe that Inflammation is the root cause of all the major afflictions plaguing humankind. Be it Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, MS and others. Medical science is now learning that chronic inflammation is the causing of these diseases and they are in epidemic proportions. If you reduce the inflammation inherent in your body and thus reducing your risk of a major disease, wouldn’t that make you feel better?
2) Anti-oxidant - this type of essential oil seeks out and destroys free-radicals. So what? Free-radicals are the precursors to Cancer. It only makes senses that if you eliminate free-radicals from your body you very much reduce your chance of being a victim of Cancer, surely that would make you feel better.

3) Joint pain
– from throbbing shoulders to numb fingers, from aching knees to swollen ankles. The pain we feel in our joints is especially annoying.As we get older it can slow down and stop the best of us from enjoying many of things we used to. Oh sure there is lots of pain medication, but so much of it has such horrendous side effects in many cases the cure is worse than the affliction. Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to reduce and in some cases eliminate joint pain once again by reducing inflammation that is causing the joint pain.
4) The brain -DHA omega 3 (fish oil) has been shown to improve brain function and lessen the chance of dementia, especially Alzheimer’s disease. You may not physically feel better, but you will feel better about the fact that you have put up a defense against a terrible wasting disease.
5) The blood -a weight loss diet(just avoid carbs-sugar and white flour products), a bit of exercise a 45 min walk each day and consumption of fish daily will produce remarkable results in stabilizing blood sugar reducing triglycerides, increasing good colesterol (HDL) while reducing blood pressure. If do this you will definitely feel better.
Eating fish daily is out of the question for many people for various reasons. In a case like that omega 3 fatty acids can be taken as a supplement. Fish oil is the very best.
In conclusion, the average American only gets about 100-200 mg per day of EPA and DHA omega 3 fatty Acid. You can easily increase your level of omega 3 fatty acids by adding a high quality fish oil supplement to your diet. Go head-you will feel better.

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